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About Addmyartjournal

A community of artists promoting other artists. That's right, we spend our free times showing you the artwork of artists that we think you should keep an eye out for.
Please do not be rude or harass anyone in or involved in this community. Also, all artwork is © their respective owners/artists. DO NOT USE THIS COMMUNITY AS A PLACE TO TAKE "CLIP ART" FROM. Thank you.

More Information

If you are making a post here in this community, please include the following information and follow these rules for your post:
Include: A link where we can find your artist's work. (Livejournal, Flickr, MySpace, Deviant Art, Official Site, etc.) A few example pictures of their work. Please keep images smaller than 500 pixels wide when posting them outside of an LJ Cut, if you have more than one image, please put them behind an LJ Cut (remove the **s <**lj-cut text="Enter your cut text here"**>Images, blah, blah, blah <**/lj-cut**>). We would also like a description of the artists work, it is up to you how detailed you make these descriptions. Please, if you're going to post about several different artists, split the entries up so that each artists gets their own entry.

- As we mentioned before, all posts containing more than one picture must have an LJ Cut after the first picture.
- DO NOT CLAIM ANOTHER PERSON'S ARTWORK IS YOUR OWN. We are a community of artists, someone will recognize the work and alert us of your blunder, so don't try it here. If you don't know who made the artwork, please don't post it here. We don't have enough time in our schedules to try and hunt down every phantom artist in the world to identify the artwork, I am sorry.
- Do not be rude. That is pretty self explanatory.
- Do not post something completely amoral. Thought this would be obvious, but apparently not.

Also, if you see an entry here in this community promoting your artwork/journal/etc and you would like anything taken down, edited, amended, changed, etc, LET US KNOW we are here to help you out, we can't change things when we don't know there is a problem.


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