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Okay, I am a bit (a lot) behind on these interviews. I apologize, I ended up taking an impromptu and unplanned two week hiatus from posting to Carmine and an even longer one from posting to here.

On with business!

There was an interview with Amanda Wong (windwoodrose) on June 27, 2008.

There was also an interview with Julie Dillon (jdillon) on June 29, 2008.

Earlier today I wrote up an article talking about my love for Batman (the comics, television shows and movies) and put up a bunch of links to blogs that have written Suggested Reading posts in celebration of The Dark Knight. Here

Just now I posted an interview with Jinx in the Sky with Diamnonds (theirea).
Tags: batman, lj user: jdillon, lj user: theirea, lj user: windwoodrose
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