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Cassandra Warren

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1. How would you define your style?
I have the hardest time articulating an answer to this question more than any other, so I apologize in advance! I suppose it's a little technical, a little folky, sometimes wistful. Someone once told me that my drawings remind them of 1920's storybook art. Although I'm not sure how true this is, I liked that description best.

2. What things inspire and influence you and your artwork?
Nature and biology, hands down. Every natural thing in this world is fantastically and interestingly shaped and constructed. The curve of an apple, the way the feathers are lined up on a bird wing, the complexity of skeletons - it's all endlessly fascinating.

3. Do you listen to music when you create? Describe your perfect creative work environment.
I'm slowly creating the perfect work environment in my bedroom right now. Not only am I lucky enough to live with other artists, but my room is on the quiet of the third floor, there's a big window, lots of space, and the colours I've chosen for my decor are soothing. And I always listen to music, although what I'm into can change at any given moment. Lately it's a lot of Nada Surf.

4. What mediums do you work in the most? Why do you use them?
I hate admitting this, but most of the time I draw with a ballpoint pen. Which makes me feel unprofessional, but if it helps, I'm picky about what kind I use! I will probably let it go eventually, but I love the detail and shading that I can get from them. I also use watercolours for a splash of colour that some pieces need, occasionally acrylics, occasionally charcoal too.. but mostly ballpoint and watercolour.

5. Name a few of your favorite artists.
Classically, I have art crushes on Da Vinci and Mucha. If I could be taught by anybody, it would be them. As for more modern artists, I'd say my two favourites are Nick Baxter and Audrey Kawasaki.

6. If there was one style of art that you could take up what would it be?
I'm not sure I'd want to pick up a particular style, but I would love to learn how to paint better, particularly with oils. I admire any artist that can paint well.

(I actually own the original of this one, GORGEOUS.)

Tags: animals, ballpoint pen, illustration
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