from my art journal:

Life is sometimes hard.
Life is sometimes easy.
Yesterday I had a glorious day of walking in the woods, meditating, making journal pages, taking photos, fresh healthy food from Whole Earth co-op, reading a book about Shamanism while sitting in the sun on my deck.
Yes, there were also errands and chores.
and even some bloodwork, ouch--needles.
But the hours I had to do my art work fed my soul enough so I had a song for the other times as well.
Make sure you nurture your spirit. Feed the muse, so she stays near.
That's the secret.


Deleted post

Dear Addmyartjournal readers,

I apologize for taking too long to get the incredibly offensive post taken down. I was under the impression that neptunenobody was taking care of the moderating duties in this community. I don't know how long the entry was up and I didn't read anymore than I had to of it. Thank you sadeyedartist for alerting me to this.

If anyone else has any problems, please message me and I'll take a look.

Pink Peacock


Hi everyone!

neptunenobody and I have decided to change things up a bit. addmyartjournal will revert back to it's original plan of posting art by artists here on livejournal. I will be posting interviews, tutorials, articles, news pieces, etc on

I am not abandoning livejournal though! I just created carminemagazine this morning. It will be the new livejournal community dedicated to all things carminemag. It will be like addmyartjournal was back in March/April of this year with content from CarmineMag's official site.

Feel free to keep the RSS feed (carminemag) on your friend's page, if you'd like. It isn't exactly friends' list friendly though, this is another reason I created the other livejournal community.

As far as me posting to addmyartjournal I will do so once in a while. Once a week or so with a list of links to posts that have been made on Carmine. If you were one of the people that I gave posting access to for this community and you're still interested in posting, please contact neptunenobody about that.

It's been a great ride,
Goofy Me


Okay, I am a bit (a lot) behind on these interviews. I apologize, I ended up taking an impromptu and unplanned two week hiatus from posting to Carmine and an even longer one from posting to here.

On with business!

There was an interview with Amanda Wong (windwoodrose) on June 27, 2008.

There was also an interview with Julie Dillon (jdillon) on June 29, 2008.

Earlier today I wrote up an article talking about my love for Batman (the comics, television shows and movies) and put up a bunch of links to blogs that have written Suggested Reading posts in celebration of The Dark Knight. Here

Just now I posted an interview with Jinx in the Sky with Diamnonds (theirea).